Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks Book

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Awesome Yo-Yo Tricks Book

Make a yoyo go up and down, spin around, and do tricks with the greatest of ease. The Awesome Yoyo Trick book has full color illistrations of each yoyo trick and detailed explanations. What is the trick to master any yoyo trick? Practice.... and with this book you can master them all. 

You'll be a pro in no time as you master tricks from the past and present:

  • Basic throws: Gravity Pull, Loops the Loop, Sleeper...
  • Beginner triks: The famous Rock the Cradle, Hop the Fence, Walk the dog....
  • Advanced Tricks: Creeper, Over the Falls, Three-Leaf Clover, Flying Saucer, Lariat, Penwheel...
  • Expert: Reach for the Moon, Brain Twister, Atom Smasher, Warp Drive...
  • Two Handed Tricks: Milk the Cow, Ride the Horse, Criss Cross, Whirlwind...

Many other tricks, and great illistrations will be found in one of the best yoyo trick books on the market. 

Written by: Shar Levine & Bob Bowden