Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
Duncan Bumble Bee yoyoDuncan Bumble Bee yoyoDuncan Bumble Bee yoyoDuncan Bumble Bee yoyoDuncan Bumble Bee yoyoDuncan Bumble Bee yoyo

Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo

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Duncan Bumble Bee Specifications and Details

  • High speed, ball bearing axle.
  • Modified shape for superior looping ability.
  • Rim weighted, for extremely long spin times.
  • Patented and Trademarked Brake Pad Technology, for smooth reliable response.
  • Size A ball bearing
  • Weight: 52 grams
  • Dimensions: 57 mm diameter, with a 28 mm width.
  • Assorted colors, color will vary

  • If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use.

    What you are looking at right now is a timeless, classic, high performance yoyo. The Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo has been a consistent top seller around the world since it hit the market in 1997. It has introduced hundreds of thousands (probably even millions!) of people to the world of REAL, competition level yoyos.

    Indeed, this very yoyo model brought us at Yoyoplay into the business of yoyos. It was one one of the original yoyos we sold here when we started up, and one that inspired us to go into the yoyo business in the first place.

    Everyone should have at least one Duncan Bumblebee in their yoyo collection. Two, if they ever plan to learn two-handed yoyoing.

    Since its introduction, "The Bee" yo-yo has drawn rave performance reviews. Combining the balance and weight distribution of the Pro-Yo II yoyo with high-tech ball bearings, The Bee delivers professional-level yoyo performance. The patented string response innovation called Brake Pad Technology makes The Bee arguably the best looping ball bearing axle yoyo on the market.

    You canít really talk about this yoyo without going over its history. It was introduced in 1997 by Playmaxx -- a company that itself was launched by Donald Duncan, Jr., the son of Donald Duncan. Yes, THAT Donald Duncan.

    It was originally called it the ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee, and it featured new, patented technology called the Brake Pad Response System that made other yoyos at the time practically obsolete. Indeed, the fact that the Bee is still so popular today is a testament to the genius, the function, and the ultimate staying power of the design.

    After a massive decline in yoyo sales that followed a great, fad-fueled boom in the late 1990s, Playmaxx unfortunately bit the dust, and no longer exists as a company.

    If things had gone one way, we might have lost this great yoyo forever, which would have been a disaster.

    But we were lucky, and they did not. Duncan purchased the patents, the designs and other assets of Playmaxx so that this great yoyo would continue to exist. Like the Prodigal Son, the Playmaxx-designed yoyos were welcomed back into the arms of the company founded by the father, and continue to sell under the Duncan brand today.

    Add one or more of these Duncan Bumblebee yoyos to your cart right now, and buy them today, even if you plan to buy some other yoyos too. Youíll be glad that you did, because this yoyo belongs in every yoyo playerís arsenal.

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    By dforce
    i gotthe yoyo to sleep for five minutes right when it cameout the package

    By tman
    dude!!! this yoyo is awsome im o.k at yoyoing but this thing rocks!!!

    By nick
    ig ot this yoyo and it was the fast and longest sleeping yoyo ive ever had

    By anonymos
    i got a playmaxx turbo bumble bee, which is practicly the same thing, and it rocks the house.

    By jake
    this yoyo is where its at


    By sam
    i got this and it is GREAT for looping

    By xavier ring ring
    i think it make a buzzing bee sound when it sleepers


    By Leeroy Brown
    this yo yo goes up and down great but i cant get it to sleep to save my butt... I like it just for screwing around the house but thats about all.

    By tj
    The bee is a modern classic, and still one of the best around. Leeroy make sure: A. You aren’t double looped, or tangled around the bearing. B. You have broken the brake pads in (this can take a while). C. You are using Bumblebee string (which is thinner that typical you string).

    By blackout

    By dude

    By jojo
    i have seen many diffrent kinds of yoyo’s before. but this yoyo is a very complex yoyo. I recomend it for beginners-intermediates.

    By jojo
    it is a buzzing sucess

    By sweet
    i just got mine love it :) but i dont know how to really make it sleep.. suggestions?

    By jak
    1 of the best starter yoyos i have ever had

    By Aub
    its ok does not sleep for as long as it does in the video

    hmmm wonder why?!

    By Unknown
    to sleep trow it out, but!!! Don’t pull it up. throw it hard, and yank it back up

    By nibaj
    sleeps great!!!!learning many neww tricks....

    By bob joe
    Best yoyo ever.

    By woozy
    bad hate it waste of money

    By JayMan
    Must be something wrong if others can get this to sleep for 5 minutes. The one I got can’t stay down for even 10 seconds...

    By WOODY D.
    i just bought this and it is really good it has a really long sleep time

    By edboy
    get it!!!!!

    By jesse
    this thing rocks i got it to sleep for 11 dizzy baby circles

    By Yoyokid321
    I dont like it that much, whenever I loop it just falls and sleeps on the first throw.. but it looks alot better when you take the paper caps off :D

    By H38
    awesome, is probally the best yoyo for the UFO out there. Sleeps for about 15-30 seconds too so u can do about any trick, but it is very hard for string tricks

    By The o man
    The buble bee yoyo is awsome I would recommend it to any body:)

    By tan
    I made it sleep for 10 minutes


    By TT
    That’s exactly wat it is a beginner yoyo try the dark magic 2 if ur good enough

    8 Cork Yoyo Brake Pads
    See the rest of the Duncan yoyos.

    The standard brake pad will fit the Profire(GT), Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee GT and all the Cold Fusion Models.

    We recommend changing brake pads one at a time. By replacing just the most worn pad, you will achieve the same effect and make your supplies last twice as long.

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    Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo