Duncan Yo-yos

What could be more classic than a Duncan yo-yo?

Duncan has renewed its focus on high quality, high performance yoyos during the past decade or so.

You'll still find the classic Duncan Imperial and Duncan Butterfly that have both been around forever. But now you can also find an entire line of high performance Duncan yoyo models that help you take yoyoing to a whole new level.

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Duncan Bumble Bee yoyo
A professional grade Duncan yoyo with a ball bearing axle for longer sleep times to do tricks.
Regular Price: $13.99
Sale price: $11.79

Duncan Metal Drifter Yoyo
An affordable metal yoyo that is barely responsive, for more advanced string tricks. Comes with counterweight!
Regular Price: $29.99
Sale price: $24.79

Duncan Raptor Yoyo
The Duncan Raptor Yoyo is a non-responsive, high-speed metal yoyo with a C bearing and removable end caps.

Duncan Yoyo Buyer's Guide
Not sure which Duncan yoyo to choose? Check out our Duncan Buyer's Guide.
Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo
A professional grade flared gap shaped Duncan yoyo with a ball bearing axle for an extra long sleep time for tricks.

Duncan Pulse Light Up Yo-Yo
A Duncan yoyo that lights up when you spin it. Ball bearing axle makes for long spin times.

5 Duncan Butterfly Yoyos
The same plastic Duncan Butterly yoyo you grew up with. Good for basic tricks.

5 Classic Duncan Imperial yoyos
The same plastic Duncan yoyo your probably grew up with. Great for basic tricks.

Duncan Throw Monkey yoyo
A pro level Duncan yoyo with a ball on the end of the string for awesome "free hand" tricks for pros, and regular yoyo tricks. Ball bearing axle for long sleepers.

Duncan Echo 2 Yoyo
The Echo is part of the up and coming Duncan Deluxe Series
Regular Price: $46.99
Sale price: $43.97

Duncan Yoyo Trick Book
A 48 page trick book that covers over 30 tricks for yo-yos and spin tops.

Duncan Speed Beetle yoyo
A pro level Duncan yoyo with a ball bearing axle for long sleep times. Designed for classic yoyo tricks and looping style tricks.

Duncan Torque Yoyo

Duncan Screaming Eagle Vendetta Yoyo
A professional grade metal yoyo with an affordable price!

Duncan Mosquito small flared gap yoyo
A slightly smaller, rim weighted flared gap yoyo that is great for all your classic yoyo tricks.

Duncan Freehand Zero yoyo
Molded after the body of the original Freehand yoyo, by popular demand!
Regular Price: $21.95
Sale price: $18.99

Duncan Light Up Freehand Zero Yoyo
Throw down some cool tricks in the dark, and light the room up with this Freehand Zero Light Up Yoyo.

Duncan Magnetude Yoyo
Regular Price: $129.99
Sale price: $119.99

Duncan Strix Yo-Yo
Regular Price: $54.99
Sale price: $46.99

Duncan Metal Zero Freehand yo-yo
Finally, a high performance yet still affordable metal yoyo! The Metal Zero Freehand has a flared gap shape, and a ball bearing axle.
Regular Price: $39.99
Sale price: $34.71

Duncan Flipside Yoyo
Here's a new twist on yoyos from Duncan. How about a model that can use either a small bearing or a large C bearing!

Duncan MoMentuM Yo Yo

Duncan Barracuda Yoyo
The Duncan Barracuda is ready to take a bite out of your competition and win.
Regular Price: $109.99
Sale price: $99.71

Duncan Exit 8 Yoyo
The Exit 8 Yoyo is an advanced level yoyo that can produce amazing grinds.

Duncan Screaming Eagle Mayhem Yoyo
Do you have what it takes to conquer Mayhem?

Duncan Flying Squirrel yo-yo
A small, fun, lightweight ball bearing yoyo from Duncan.

Duncan Hello Kitty Pro Yo yoyo

Duncan Despicable Me 2 IgniteYoyo

Duncan Lime Light YoYo
Brightly colored looping yo-yo with flashing lights. Cool looks and cool tricks!

Duncan Butterfly XT Yoyo

Duncan Retro Tournament Wooden yoyo with Case and Book
A reproduction of the 1950s Duncan wooden Tournament yoyo, complete with retro style trick book.

Duncan Reflex Auto-Return yo-yo
An auto return yoyo from Duncan! Wakes up automatically, for beginners who are just learning how to make a yoyo sleep.

Duncan Retro Wooden Butterfly yoyo
A reproduction of the 1950s Duncan wooden Butterfly yoyo in assorted colors, complete with retro style packaging.

Duncan Screaming Eagle Free Bird Yoyo
The advanced level signature series yoyo of champion Hank Freeman.

Duncan Panda yoyo
A pro level Duncan yoyo with rubberized rims to make it easy on your hands, or to do "offstring" style tricks if you are a pro.

Duncan Freehand yoyo
A Duncan yoyo so cool it was featured on the Discover channel. It reinvents the whole concept of yoyoing!

Duncan Hayabusa Yo-yo
A Duncan flared gap yoyo designed for "offstring" style tricks, but also great for regular tricks.
Regular Price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.99

Duncan Pro Z with Mod Spacers Yoyo
This yoyo can be taken apart to make two different yoyo with two different features!

2 Duncan Pro Fly  Butterfly Yoyos
A pro level Duncan yoyo with a fixed wooden axle for all of your classic yoyo tricks. Great for learning, and for pros who like a fixed axle challenge.

Duncan Skyhawk Yoyo

Duncan Hornet Yo Yo
Duncan went all out with the Hornet to design a yoyo that completely excels at looping tricks. Whether you like one handed looping tricks or 2A two handed looping tricks, you'll love this yoyo.
Regular Price: $19.99
Sale price: $17.90

Duncan Pro Yo yoyos & Trick Book
Pro level wooden axle Duncan yoyo. This is an amazingly good yoyo for all of the classic yoyo tricks like Rock The Baby, Around the World and more. 48 Page Trick Book Included!
Regular Price: $14.99
Sale price: $11.71

Duncan ProFire Yoyo

Rare, Collectible Stunt Pilot yoyo
This yoyo is not made anymore, and time is running out to get a hold of one of these babies! Add it to your collection today before it's to late!
Regular Price: $69.99
Sale price: $56.99

2 Classic Duncan Wheels yoyos
The same Duncan Wheels plastic flared gap yoyo you grew up with. Good for basic yoyo tricks.

Duncan Retro Jeweled Wooden yoyo
A reproduction of the 1950s Duncan wooden Jeweled yoyo, complete with retro style packaging.

Duncan retro 1950s Imperial plastic yoyo
A cool reproduction Duncan Imperial yoyo, complete with the retro 1950s style packaging.

Duncan Custom Yoyo Pack
This YoYo Pack is a great gift idea that consists of everything you need to get started at a low price.

Duncan Yo-Yo Starter Pack
A terrific starter pack with two popular yoyos, a DVD and 25 extra strings to get you yoyoing like a champ.

Duncan Tournament Wooden Yoyo
A reproduction of the 1950s classic wooden Duncan yoyo. Comes with a reproduction of the original Duncan yoyo trick book!

How To Be A Yo-Yo Ninja (DVD)
Finally, a video for Truly All Yoyo Players! This is not your typical instructional video.

25 Official Duncan Cotton Yoyo Strings
Strings from Duncan, the yoyo brand that everyone knows.

4 Duncan Wooden Butterfly Yoyos

8 Cork Yoyo Brake Pads
Help keep the response-system for your yoyo crisp with Duncan yoyo brake pads!

Duncan 12mm Silicone Stickers
Freehand, FH Zero, Light Up Fh Zero, Flying Panda, Throw monkey, Flying Squirrel, Mosquito, Mayhem, Exit 8, Hayabusa, Metal Drifter, Metal Zero, Speed Beetle, Freehand MG

Duncan Ball Bearing Yoyo Parts Kit
A replacement part for all Hardcore Series Duncan Yoyos.

Duncan Replacement Looping Response Stickers
A good choice for most looping, Hardcore Series Yoyos from Duncan.

Duncan SG Replacement Stickers (4 Pack)
Replacement yo yo stickers for the Duncan Raptor yoyo, and other Large Slim Stickers.

8 Duncan Friction Stickers
Includes 8 Duncan Friction Stickers, to keep your yoyos responsive.

Duncan Silicone Stickers 13.7 mm
Works with the: Momentum yoyo, Duncan Vendetta yoyo, and Duncan Freebird yoyo

Duncan Yo-Tility Yoyo Holster and Bearing Tool

Duncan Yoyo Storage Case
Attractive yoyo case holds up to 14 of your favorite yoyos.

Duncan Yoyo Pouch

Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate $50

Gift Certificate $75

Turbo Bumble Bee = Duncan Bumble Bee
Possibly the best all around yo-yo you can buy.

Duncan Retro Wooden Satellite yo-yo
A reproduction of the famous "space age" Duncan yoyo, the Satellite.

Duncan Metropolis Yoyo
The Metropolis Yoyo will has an extremely wide shape for string tricks
Regular Price: $57.99
Sale price: $44.71

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