Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo
Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo
Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo
Duncan Dragon Fly yoyoDuncan Dragon Fly yoyoDuncan Dragon Fly yoyo

Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo

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Like the Duncan Bumble Bee that came just before it, the Dragon Fly is a timeless, classic, high performance yoyo. The Dragon Fly yoyo has been a consistent top seller around the world since it hit the market in 1997. It has introduced hundreds of thousands (probably even millions!) of people to the world of REAL, competition level yoyos.

Formerly the Turbo Bumblebee GT, the DragonFly is Duncan's best selling flared gap style ball bearing yoyo. This yoyo has all the grace and speed of the Bumblebee with the flared gap shape to make tricks easier. The DragonFly is excellent for even the latest mind boggling string tricks! Each Dragonfly high performance professional yoyo includes an extra string.

You canít really talk about the Duncan Bumble Bee or the Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo without going over its history. It was introduced in 1997 by Playmaxx -- a company that itself was launched by Donald Duncan, Jr., the son of Donald Duncan. Yes, THAT Donald Duncan.

It was originally called it the ProYo Turbo Bumble Bee GT, and it featured new, patented technology called the Brake Pad Response System that made other yoyos at the time practically obsolete. Indeed, the fact that the Dragon Fly is still so popular today is a testament to the genius, the function, and the ultimate staying power of the design. Duncan renamed this yoyo from "Bee GT" to the Dragonfly, to more clearly distinguish it.

After a massive decline in yoyo sales that followed a great, fad-fueled boom in the late 1990s, Playmaxx unfortunately bit the dust, and no longer exists as a company.

If things had gone one way, we might have lost this great yoyo forever, which would have been a disaster.

But we were lucky, and they did not. Duncan purchased the patents, the designs and other assets of Playmaxx so that this great yoyo would continue to exist. Like the Prodigal Son, the Playmaxx-designed yoyos were welcomed back into the arms of the company founded by the father, and continue to sell under the Duncan brand today.

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By moo cow leader
GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By the great
I have it. it is my second yoyo. my first one that sleeps. im not very good. i can do the jamacian flag. but i cant do pop the clutch with this, i cant get it to come back up on pop the clutch


By what does this mean
THis is my main yoyo. I love it. not to good for grinding

By michael
it is good but to responsov

By v

By cole
amazin sleeps long and nioce and wide good fo trapese

By Chris
This is a great starter yoyo! The extra 5 bucks is so worth it! I have 4 of the cheep yoyos and wanted to see if the bearing is that much better. IT IS! This one makes me wonder how much better the 25 and up yoyos are...

By jake
if you are a pro, get this, if you are in the catagory of intermediate(me) get this, and if you are begginer, get this yoyo.

By Jacob
this yoyo is an extraordanary yoyo. it is a very good yoyo for begginer, intermediate, and pro. this yoyo can do awsom an trapeze! (if you are a begginer, i highly recomend this style and performance to you).

By MetroPcs
Good at sleeping and good response. Me trying to do the rock the baby but it wont sleep long enough.

By dominic
these yoyos r awsome for string trick and basic tricks

By Gabriel
Awesome yo-yo! i don’t have one, but i used my friends. hope to get one soon.

By cougars
my friend has one their ok but they can be better

By pwned
i like this yo yo but not as good as the pulse

By kilo
i love this yoyo so much. Get this yoyo. I guarentee you will love it. The spins are great. One thing you need to get used to is those brake pads. Shave em down and you will be okay

By bob joe
This YOYO is amasing at string tricks.Good for high performance ballbaring yoyo.It spins for 35 seconds!I love this yoyo!

By sam
good yoyo,for string tricks and it spins for like a minute.


By alex the yo yo man
i totaly recomend this yo yo for anybody who wants a good sleeper

By Some Yoyo guy
Better looping yoyo than string yoyo. but if you are going to get a looping yoyo get a duncan bumble bee.

By Moses
this is a good yo-yo for starters to pros
best yoyo from duncan

By 1 word 1 number
2 awesome

By Anne
This is probably the best cheap yoyo for intermediate and beginner tricks

By Dude :)
holy crap this thing SUCKS lol jk jk it ROCKS

By Darline Cashman
I purchase this yoyo for my 8 year old greatgrandson he just loves it.I need one more for my 3 year greatgranddaughter ,but she wants a princess one .OH FAST FAST SHIPPING SUPER FAST.

By dude11
This yoyo broke only after one week. I hate it

By Seth
this yo yo was the yo yo I used for starting off. if you want a yo yo that can do tricks that are extensive do not get this yo yo; if you want a sleep time that is maxed out at 35 seconds maybe get this.

By Panda Tribute
The yoyo is excellent for people who are barely learning tricks.

By who cares
this yoyo will sleep for a while buy it

8 Cork Yoyo Brake Pads
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The standard brake pad will fit the Profire(GT), Bumble Bee, Bumble Bee GT and all the Cold Fusion Models.

We recommend changing brake pads one at a time. By replacing just the most worn pad, you will achieve the same effect and make your supplies last twice as long.

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Duncan Dragon Fly yoyo