Extra Long Yoyo String 72" 100% Polyester Type 6

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Extra long yoyo string

This string is extra long, 72 inches. It is perfect for those who look to perform 1A skill tricks where shorter standard length will not do. 

Made of 100 percent polyester this pack of strings includes 10 yoyo strings. Looking for slightly shorter yoyo strings? You can cut this yoyo string to desired length.

Gone are the days of just cotton yoyo strings. Polyester strings are very strong and last longer than cotton strings. Polyester strings are also a slicker than cotton strings. So, if you do a lot modern string tricks you may like the feel of polyester strings.

Type 6 strings have 6 threads in each strand of the string. Type 6 strings are the best for string tricks since they are thinner than type 8 strings.

These strings are 100% polyester. Up your play by switching to polyester strings. Polyester strings work well with high performing ball-bearing yoyos and give smooth spins on non-responsive yoyos. If you’re looking to step up your yoyo game or wanting to try more complex play like whips and slack tricks, give polyester strings a try!

72 inch Yoyo String Specifications:

  • Type 6
  • 100% polyester
  • Length: 72 inches
  • Each order includes 10 extra long strings