YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo
YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo
YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo
YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo
YoyoJam XLR8 YoyoYoyoJam XLR8 YoyoYoyoJam XLR8 YoyoYoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo

YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo

Item #: YYJxlr8
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The YoyoJam XLR8 (accelerate) yoyo is a new type of "hybrid" yoyo made of plastic and metal unlike anything they have made before.

Other YoyoJam hybrid yoyos have plastic in the center and metal rims, a patented YoyoJam specialty that has led to extremely popular yoyos like the Dark Magic II. But the XLR8 yoyo has a metal center with plastic rims, which creates a whole new and awesome yoyoing experience.

This one-of-a-kind hybrid creation plays differently than any other YoYoJam yo-yo you have ever thrown before, and we think you're going to like it. The XLR8 has a small aluminum body, paired with large celcon plastic rims. Celcon plastic has an extremely smooth feel, making grind tricks easy. The metal body of the XLR8 balances the yo-yo perfectly, giving the yo-yo a unique weight distribution and an amazing floaty and smooth feel during play.

The shape of the yoyo features low cut walls and rounded rims, which gives you just the right feel in the hand, and great stability that makes it great for horizontal types of string tricks. It also features a center dimple on the sides that act as lateral cap. That dimple allows you to more easily do "top-on" style tricks where they yoyo spins on your finger like a top, sideways.

The XLR8 (accelerate) yoyo comes stocked with YoYoJamís Solid Spin Axle system, 10 Ball Speed Bearing, and silicone response to generate a smoother style.

As you can probably imagine with all of this talk about "grinds" and "top-on" tricks, the XLR8 is a non-responsive / unresponsive yoyo. This means that it doesn't wake up when it is sleeping and you tug on the string. You have to learn how to do a "bind" trick to make it come back to your hand.

If you don't know what a bind is, then this yoyo is not right for you. The XLR8 is designed for advanced yoyo players.

YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo Specifications:

  • Weight: 71 grams
  • OD: 2.28" / 55.11 mm
  • Width: 1.59" / 40.40 mm
  • Silicone response
  • 10 Ball Speed Bearing

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    YoyoJam XLR8 Yoyo