Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo
Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo
Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo
Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo
Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yoYoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yoYoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yoYoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo

Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo

Item #: YYF201
Price: $9.94
Regular Price: $11.99


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If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use.

The F.A.S.T. 201 is the first new yo-yo from the world's newest manufacturer / engineers: The Yoyofactory. This new high performance yo-yo features a polycarbonate flared gap design, stainless steel ball bearings and the highly anticipated FAST break response system.

The Fully Active Starburst Technology(tm) is a revolutionary patented return system that resists wear and reduces maintenance. The 201 has a fully adjustable gap setting making it the perfect yo-yo that adjusts to the level of the performer. This yo can range from Walk the Dog to Eli Hops. The dependability and all purpose nature of this yo-yo puts it at the top of all recommendation lists.

F.A.S.T.-or, FULLY ACTIVE STARBURST TECHNOLOGY- is designed so that all levels of YoYo players can do sizzling hot tricks!

F.A.S.T. is quick, easy and precise. A simple twist is all it takes to choose the right amount of spin and response for each trick. Whether beginner or pro, with practice you won't just be "walking the dog" but doing the "skyrocket!" Learn ten tricks by following the Trick Chart, then race the clock or your friends as you set the YoYo to your personal skill level. It's dazzling, fascinating YoYo fun!

YoyoFactory F.A.S.T. 201 Yoyo Features

  • Adjustable gap makes it easy to change the response
  • Flared Gap design
  • Ball bearing axle, for easy spins

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    By WalruS
    I think the Velocity is good for freehand and string play.

    The 201 is for beginners. Period.

    By penguinz
    this yo yo is good, but the fast velocity is soooooooooo much better. =D

    By erger

    By yoyo kid in easttown MI
    The yoyo is good for beginners because it’s ultra responsive. it has groves on the side of the yoyo to help it up which is great for beginners but once you start doing tricks like brain twister or split the atom that yoyo starts to come up when you don’t want it to. I had it but now I got myself a velocity premium for $27.

    By Jacob
    don’t buy it, horrible....it is not as good as it sounds, horrible.

    By robbie
    it is a good yo yobecause it is fun to use and it is very fast.it is good for beginners.

    By kaixax555
    Get this yoyo. It is so durable it will not break even after dropping it a few hundred times (unlike my Playmaxx yoyo, which broke after it dropped the fifth time)

    By xxxxx
    Great yo-yo can even do alot of tricks!

    By Malyatrax
    I hated it, the response system kicks in a soon as you try string tricks, meaning that you get about 5 seconds of string spin time (I got 1 brain twister revolution out of it, 2 at it’s best. I took the hubs and cardboard out of the sides and found it used teeth on the sides to make it return. I thought about taking these out to see if I could get more string spin time out of it, but most of the teeth had snapped off already.

    Very disappointing yoyo, and I advise that nobody, except possibly beginners, buys it.

    By yoyoexpert
    this yoyo was horible it is only good for binding. it rarely ever comes up when i do the brain twister.

    By jacob
    this is a type of butterfly yoyo, good for string tricks, (what the first guy said, not true, this yoyo is awsom!!!

    By yoyomaster
    it is better than tom kuhn tm cat


    By jason
    this yoyo sucks


    By disoto
    absolutely the best yo-yo ive ever had!

    By yoyo GOD
    It is cool good for string tricks.

    By vinny
    it is super good at string tricks

    By Gabriel
    great for beginner and intermediate tricks. i’m not advanced yet so i cant say more

    By yoyo monster
    the best yo yo i ever got. if u want this yoyo u should get it now. :}

    By F56POWNED

    By Phillip
    It’s good for plastic whips dat i like 2 do, but i miss a lot, but its good for beginner tricks and stuff since it can be responsive and unresponsive at the same time with the gap adjustments

    By Justin
    It is the best yoyo for beginners

    By Bearnardo
    I ordered this yoyo, i ended up devastating the teeth on the sides, wors A LOT better since it becomes unresponsive and awesome for string tricks, however, nothing to do about the sound it makes...

    By TJ
    gr8t yoyo for sleep and string tricks...and lov the adjustable gap for loop tricks

    By REL
    <3 the fast 201 absulutely amazing all my friendz have it too

    By yoyofreeflyer
    this yoyo is probley one of the best yoyo’s i have ever had so far the thing i like is the ajustable response its extremely durable and awesome if your still looking for a good yoyo look no more its not just the price thats good but its the whole package!!!

    By yoyo freak
    it’s so louuuuuddd!!!!!!!

    By black eagle
    i like the speed i dont care what the other people think about it i think its cool and i been telling my mom to by me one for 8 years and i was happy when i got it for my tenth birthday december 21 2011 i was realy born in 2001

    By Larry
    Okay yoyo, but really loud, only for beginners, and the fast breaks easily.

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    Yoyofactory FAST 201 Yo-yo