Yomega 3 Piece Yo-Yo Gift Set

Yomega 3 Piece Yo-Yo Gift Set

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The Yomega yo-yo gift set is a great Holiday/Birthday gift for any yoyoer at a bargain price. This 3-piece yoyo set is perfect for the beginner level as well as intermediate to advanced play.

The yoyo gift set includes a Yomega Brain, Fireball, and Raider yo yo. It also comes with the 5 high-speed replacement strings, a tube of Yomega’s Brain Lube, and a really cool yoyo carrying holster.

The Yomega Raider yo yo is a high performance ball bearing axle yo-yo that gives the player awesome response and speed. The Fireball yoyo comes with the patented Delron transaxle, which gives it the capability to outsleep a fixed axle yo yo by three times! The Yomega Brain yo-yo has the world famous patented centrifugal clutch system that allows it to return to the yo-yoer automatically.

The Yomega Brain Lube is specially formulated Teflon oil that Yomega yoyos use to stay responsive. The single yo yo carrying holster will give you easy access to your yo-yo, and impress your friends with its stylish look.


By nico
This is the greatest yo yo set to be ever created I would recommend it to ANYONE!

By tony gosselin
i LOVE these yo-yo but why do some of the yo-yo cost so much $$

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Yomega 3 Piece Yo-Yo Gift Set