Yomega Brain Lube and String Kit

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Yomega Brain Lube and String Kit

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Keep your Yomega yoyos going strong with the official Yomega maintenance kit. With this kit, you'll get 5 replacement cotton Yomega yoyo strings, and a tube of Brain Lube. This kit is highly recommended by Yomega to maintain yo-yo response and performance. If your responsive Yomega yoyo like the Raider stops waking up reliably, then it needs a little Brain Lube to make it respond again!

Brain Lube works on any yoyo bearing for other yoyo brands too. Pen precision dropper allows for accurate application of thick lube. This yoyo lube is designed to make bearings more responsive. Take bearing off yoyo, lay on a paper towel, apply 3 to 5 drops of lube, pat dry and place back on axle. Tighten yoyo carefully, do not over tighten. DO NOT LUBE BEARING WHILE BEARING IS ON YOUR YOYO.