Yomega Ultimate Yoyo Gift Crate

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Yomega Ultimate Yoyo Gift Crate

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Do you like Yomega yoyos? I mean REALLY like Yomega? If so, this Yomega Ultimate Yoyo Gift Crate is created especially for you. We've cherry picked the very best and most popular Yomega products and put them inside a custom pinewood crate with built-in handles that's big enough to store more yoyo stuff too.

Does $279 sound steep? Well, consider that the pro-level Yomega Glide all by itself is a $99 yoyo, and is included in this package. If you bought these items separately, you'd have to spend more than $320 to get them all. But you'll save big bucks buying them together instead. Optional engraving is done with a laser and allows you to customize the wooden crate with a name of short phrase. Large letters are limited to 15 characters and small characters limited to 25. Additional cost is added when the option is chosen. 

This crate makes a terrific gift for the yoyo lover or Yomega lover in your life. But it also makes a great gift for yourself. You're worth it, right?

Yomega Ultimate Yoyo Gift Crate Package includes:

  • Yomega Spectrum Yoyo
  • Raider yoyo
  • Maverick Yoyo
  • Glide yoyo
  • Dash yoyo
  • Yomega trick book
  • Yomega Mania Instructional DVD
  • 100 Yoyo King Premium Strings
  • Yoyo King Yoyo Tool that works with C bearing yoyos
  • Ceramic Bearing that fits in the Glide yoyo
  • Kendama Pro Kendama