25 Deluxe Black Slick 6 Yo Yo Strings

25 Deluxe Black Slick 6 Yo Yo Strings

Item #: SB58
Price: $6.95



Price includes 25 black yoyo strings.

Need more than 25? Check out our pack of 100 Deluxe Black Slick 6 Yo Yo Strings.

This is a terrific string because it lasts a long time, and is great for doing complicated yoyo tricks.

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If you are new to yoyoing, you should know that strings can wear out pretty quickly! Fixed wooden axles can wear out string the fastest, because you get the most friction. When your string gets dirty or starts to look worn, it's better to throw it away and put on a new string than risk a string break that can send your yoyo flying.

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By Zander
these strings are excellent for advanced yoyos and advanced yoyo players

By D. Griffin
Fast shipping and great packaging.

By YoyoFactoryFinatic
Love the strings... Would recommend these strings for unresponsive yoyo’s/intermediate-advance yoyoist...

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25 Deluxe Black Slick 6 Yo Yo Strings