Yoyo Factory CTX Large C 10 Ball Yoyo Bearing

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Yoyo Factory CTX Large C 10 Ball Yoyo Bearing

The new CTX bearing, in the “Large” size features the Center Trac shape and combines it with an extremely smooth, precise configuration. 

The CTX bearing has no shields, meaning that you can see the balls and this also makes the bearing easier to lubricate. It also comes pre-oiled, meaning that it is slightly responsive when you first put it into a yo-yo, but after a short break-in period, the bearing is nice and quiet, spins strong, wont fail due to being dry, and id we mention, "spins long".

10 Ball Bearing CTX Large C Specifications:

  • Bearing Type: Center Trac 
  • Bearing Size: Size C (Large)
  • Balls: 10

If you purchase the CTX yoyo bearing and ask yourself "why it is responsive", just keep playing it, the oil needs to be broken in, which just requires a bit of play before it becomes fully unresponsive.  So whats so great about this yoyo bearing and what makes it different? The major difference is that the CTX bearing uses 10 balls in the bearing rather than the normal 8.