Yoyo Factory Response Pad Multi-Pack

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Yoyo Factory Response Pad Multi-Pack

The Yoyo Factory Response Pad Multi-Pack is an assortment of yoyo replacement response pads that come in four different types to meet every yo yo player's needs. All of the six sets offered are the Large Slim size. The yoyos that these replacement response pads fit are listed below.

Each yoyo replacement response pad included in this pack is made from silicone, even though each material is slightly different. Each pad has been put through YYF's extensive testing, with slightly varied results. They are all high performance pads, and the makers at YYF have left it up to the user to decide which ones they like better. The back of the package has the performance over time chart, that gives you Yoyo Factory's opinion.

The Yoyo Response Pad Multi Pack is compatible with:

  • The One Yoyo
  • DV888 Yoyo
  • Protostar Yoyo
  • Supernova Yoyo
  • Genesis Yoyo
  • Super G Yoyo
  • 888 Yoyo
  • G5 Classic Yoyo
  • Superstar Yoyo
  • DNA Yoyo
  • Boss Yoyo