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Yoyo Factory Superstar Green yoyo

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The Yoyo Factory Superstar follows in the footsteps of the G5. World champions, Kentaro Kimura and John Ando have both used the Superstar yoyo. YoyoFactory calls it one of the "most successful competition yoyos ever created."

The Super Star yoyo has a modified "H" flared gap appearance, which sets it apart from the G5 Classic. A flared gap yoyo is the preferred choice for seriously advanced string tricks, grinds, and other new school yoyo tricks. This is a large bearing yoyo with Yoyo Factory's slim silicone K-Pad response system. Specifically, it has a C sized wide bearing that comes from Central Bearing Co. It is called a SPEC bearing, which is basically just a fancy name that Central Bearing Co. made up, as far as we can tell. This is a non-responsive yoyo.

Buying a Superstar won't automatically make you a Superstar if you don't know how to bind. In fact, it will make you quite frustrated as you tug and tug on the yoyo, wishing it would wake up, but knowing that it won't. Learn to bind! Learn to bind! We're telling you once again that this yoyo is useless to you unless you can bind like the big boys. If you don't know how to do a bind with a yoyo, or what that is, then this yoyo probably isn't for you.

If you look at the front view of the yoyo, you'll see that the weight is distributed with the Superstar in a way where it is focused far out to the rim of the yoyo. This gives it two huge advantages for performing world class yo-yo tricks. (By the way, we mean that literally, since John Ando took the top spot in the 2008 World Yo-Yo Contest with it!) Advantage 1: since the weight set far to the outside edges of the Superstar yoyo, you'll get massive levels of rotational stability compared to other yoyos. Stability is a very good thing when you're attempting to perform the kind of string tricks that most people can't even understand when they just watch. Advantage 2: since the weight is also near the rim, you'll get extremely superior spin times. This is because of a principle in physics called rotational inertia. It means that when you place weight at the outside rim of a spinning object, you'll get a longer spin.

Science, meet yoyoing! Yeah, but what else does this yoyo have that makes it worth buying? Well, frankly, we're a little insulted that World Yo-Yo Contest Winner isn't enough for you, and that you have to keep asking questions like this. But on the other hand, it's a lot of money for a yoyo, so we’ll humor you and keep going.

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Here's what else the Superstar has: Patented Hubstack technology from YoyoFactory. Hubstacks give you not one, not two, but three awesome bearings in a single yoyo. What do you do with the Hubstacks? Glad you asked! Basically, those little plastic nubs on each side of the yoyo on the outside allows you to grab and pinch the yoyo while it is spinning, which makes for a mind boggling trick to spectators. Even cooler, you can grab the Superstar by those hubstacks with one hand while you pull the string with your throw hand and start the yoyo spinning while you are still holding it. It's sort of like spinning a top. From there, you can transition into all the regular yoyo tricks you want to do, after you've master the pull start. It's a whole new type of yoyoing that you'll have to master.

The Superstar is precision manufactured with a very high grade 6061 type of aluminum, to achieve the right weight ratio as well as a high level of durability. The aluminum is anodized, which gives it various colors and also makes it smooth for reduced friction when you are doing "grinding" types of tricks where you make the yoyo sleep against your skin. Whatever the yoyo trick is that you want to accomplish, the YYF Superstar will get the job done and then some!

YoyoFactory Super Star Yoyo Specifications and Features

  • Weight: 69 grams
  • Width: 41 mm
  • Diameter: 57 mm
  • Response System: Silicone response / K-Pad
  • Bearing: Type C, SPEC bearing.
  • Hubstacks, which gives you three bearings in a single yoyo.

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