2 Yomega Alpha Wing Yoyos and 25 Yoyo Strings Package

MSRP: $13.99
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Now: $2.99
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The Yomega Alpha Wing Yoyo is a flared gap wing shaped yoyo. This yoyo kit makes a great gift, it includes two yoyos and a bundle of 25 yoyo strings. 

This yoyo is perfect for the beginner who is just learning how to throw a yoyo to the more advanced who may even be trying their skills at two handed yoyoing. These yoyos are perfect for yoyo string tricks to more advanced looping yoyo tricks. 

Alpha Wing Yoyo Specifications:

  • Weight: 51 grams
  • Width: 34.9
  • Diameter: 58.4
  • Gap Width: 2.5
  • Fixed Axle
  • Responsive
  • Includes 2 yoyos and 25 yoyo strings

With each order you will recieve two yoyos (colors vary) and one bundle of 25 yoyo strings. 

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