25 Eagle BEAK FIT Carbon Fiber and Polyester Yoyo Strings

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Eagle Beak Fit Yoyo Strings

The Eagle Beak Fit strings are polyester with a carbon fiber.   Each can of yoyo strings includes 25 polyester/carbon strings. 

Eagle BEAK FIT Carbon Fiber and Polyester Specifications: 

  • Beak Fit Thickness: 1.8 mm
  • Linear Meter Weight: 1.35 grams
  • Resistance: 19.5 kg
  • Stretching 32%
  • High Torsion Strings
  • Length: 62 inches (cut to desired length)
  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Carbon and polyester
  • Includes 25 yoyo strings per order

This particular Eagle string is suggested for division 1A and 2A yoyo players. However it will work for all skill levels and yoyo divisions.