25 Eagle WING LIGHT Carbon Fiber and Polyester Yoyo Strings

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Now: $15.70
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Eagle WING LIGHT yoyo strings are made of strong carbon fiber to enhance their smoothness. Each yoyo string is manufactured with high technology that accompanies resistance for smooth trick performance. 

Eagle WING LIGHT Yoyo String Specifications:

  • Eagle Wing Light strings are  1.1 mm
  • Linear Meter Weight 0.76 grams
  • Resistance 17 kg
  • Stretching 27%
  • Torsion: medium 
  • Length: 62 inches (cut to desired length)
  • Color: Salmon
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Material: Carbon and polyester
  • Includes 25 yoyo strings per order

This particular Eagle string is suggested for division 1A and 3A yoyo players. However it will work for all skill levels and yoyo divisions. 

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