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Selling Yoyos Online Since 1998

My name is Lars, and I am the owner of Yoyoplay.com. I launched Yoyoplay way back in 1998 with a couple of friends. In the beginning, I ran the web site, and my two buddies shipped all of the merchandise from their comic book shop in The Woodlands, Texas.
Eventually, the other two guys closed their comic book shop and moved on. But I didn't! 
Since 2009, I've run Yoyoplay out of a large warehouse in Dallas, Texas. Steve works with me and helps run orders and answer customer service questions. Diana helps pack orders. Andrea makes sure all the bills get paid and the inventory is correct. I sit around and browse the web all day and pretend to work. (Ha ha?)

I'm thrilled that you've made it to our web site, and we hope that you will consider buying all of your yoyos online from us.

We Ship Fast, And We Stock Everything Here

All of our yoyos for sale are right here in our Dallas warehouse, and we ship them out fast when you place your order online with us.

How fast will your yoyo order ship out? How about the same day, if you order on a weekday before 3 p.m. EST.

We carry a huge range of different yoyo brands and yoyo models for you to choose from.

Whether you're looking for classic yoyo brands like Duncan and Yomega, or newer brands like Yoyojam and YoyoFactory, we’ve got you covered. We also have plenty of yoyo trick books and DVDs, extra yoyo strings, and even a good assortment of diabolos. Yoyo strings wear out quickly, so be sure to order extras with your yoyo.

We want you to succeed at yoyoing so that you can impress your friends, and hopefully convince them to buy stuff from us too.

Be sure to check out our awesome yoyo videos on the Yoyoplaydotcom YouTube Channel. They've gotten more than 4 million views over the years. So we think that people might be finding them at least a little bit useful in teaching how to do tricks.

We've also finally started to pay a little bit more attention to our Facebook Fan page, if you want to interact with us there.

So like I said before, thanks for visiting the site.

Now go buy some yoyos

Why Buy From Us?

We know there are a lot of other places to buy yoyos. But there are a lot of good reaons to buy them from us instead of anywhere else.

We've been in business a long time. So we're here to stay.

We stock all our inventory here in Dallas, and ship it out quickly to you.

We actually know something about the merchandise we sell.

So give us a chance!