Camouflage Diabolo Bag

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Finally, a cool bag has come out to store your favorite Diabolos in, which allows you to carry them wherever you go! With the Camouflage Diabolo Bag, you can carry your diabolos easily and pull them out to play whenever you get the urge.

The Camouflage Diabolo Bag is made of tough, long lasting nylon canvas. It also has a double wall padded core for extra protection. This bag has the capabilities of carrying two standard 5" diabolos with their handsticks. This Camouflage Diabolo Bag can fit two pairs of handsticks in it's two external pouches. These pouches come with elastic bands around them to make sure the sticks stay securely in the pouches while you are on the move. The bag also has two other external Velcro pockets for storing extra string or anything else you can think of that you might need.

This Diabolo Bag also has three swivel hooks, which allows you to arrange the carrying strap in a few different ways for your convenience. The bag has zippers on the top and bottom for easier access. Items shown in bag are NOT included!

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