CLYW Compass Yoyo by Caribou Lodge

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The Compass is the latest signature model for Czech legend Petr Kavka!

As Petr refines his style of play, CLYW supports him to produce the best yoyo possible to use for his technical style. Horizontal play and finger spins are becoming more popular. Petr wanted a yoyo that could keep up with the changing styles of tricks. The Compass is a step in this new direction of technical play.

The body shape stayed true to the Scout. Focus was centered on the shape, Petr’s favorite design element. He liked the aggressive v-shape profile with comfortable rims that give the best of casual and competitive play. Changes were made for technical style play, including major shifts in rim weight, weight distribution, and a side face designed for finger spins and grinds with an inner cup.

The Compass design also focused on technical style. The design elements that set the Compass apart are longer spin times, wide catch zones and a comfortable yoyo in the hand. The Compass is a bit wider yoyo with a large catch zone for string tricks.

If you’re looking for a well rounded yoyo for 1A string tricks, check out the Compass. It’s a full size yoyo with a wide catch zone that’s a stable, monometal yoyo that flows easily through technical play and is controllable. The rim weight creates long spin times and a stable yoyo for off axis horizontal tricks.

The Compass is an unresponsive yoyo. A bind is required to wake this yoyo and return to your hand. If you don’t know how to do a bind or don’t want to learn, you may want to look for a responsive yoyo.

CLYW Compass Specifications:

  • Diameter: 56.42mm
  • Width:  45.40 mm
  • Weight  66.6 grams
  • Trapeze Width:  42 mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Bearing Size: Size C (Large)
  • Response: CLYW Original Pad Size 
  • Axle: M4 x 10mm
  • Includes 1 yoyo string
  • Unresponsive (bind required) 









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