CLYW Igloo Yoyo by Caribou Lodge

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The CLYW Igloo yoyo is the first signature yoyo for Michael Kurti, and Caribou Lodges second bi-metal release. Designed collaboratively by Michael Kurti and Chris Mikulin, the Igloo yoyo brings the classic CLYW feel but with a new level of performance.

As Michael's technical play grew longer and more complicated, he needed a yoyo that could handle his new modern concepts and play. With changes in the weight distribution, the Igloo was created to spin through these long tricks and combinations.

The Igloo yoyos soft, classic v-shape is both comfortable in the hand and incredibly fast on the string. It’s a sleek yoyo with clean lines. Designed to handle to perform long horizontal tricks to intense speed combos, the Igloo is an incredible competition yoyo that gives you every bit of speed and stability you could need in technical play.

You’re going to see a similar body style as the Blizzard, but with a totally different weight distribution with stainless steel rings inside the cup. The ultimate design goal for the Igloo was a long spinning yoyo to power through tough combinations. It’s the weight distribution that allowed for long spin times and stable returns to power through those combinations. To do that, Caribou Lodge created a yoyo that can remain stable even when speed slows at the end of combinations.

The Igloo yoyo is an unresponsive yoyo and requires a bind to wake up the yoyo and return it to your hand. This is an advanced level yoyo.

CLYW Igloo Yoyo Specifications: 

  • Diameter: 56.50 mm 
  • Width: 44 mm 
  • Gap Width: 4.40 mm 
  • Weight: 64.3 grams
  • Bearing Size: Concave Large C (.250 x .500 x .187)
  • Response: CLYW Snow Tires
  • Play: String Tricks 1A
  • Body Material: 6065 Aluminum, Stainless steel weight rings
  • Includes 1 yoyo string
  • Unresponsive (bind required) 


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