Custom Printed Pro Yoyo with Wooden Axle

STY1 custom
Minimum Purchase:
5 units
Maximum Purchase:
1000 units
Free shipping orders over $50

Maximum file size is 250.00 KB, file types are jpg, gif

Bulk Pricing:

Do you want to get a yoyo made with your company logo, photo or any other image? The Technic is a perfect product to represent your company because it's not a throw away yoyo, it's a pro yoyo designed by former Yoyo World Champion Dale Oliver.  

We offer quick turnaround (2 to 5 business days) and minimum order quantity of 5. Need it faster? For a small additional fee, we can ship as quickly as one to two business days in most cases.

Email or call us for a quote or to discuss your custom order needs!

We can also imprint text from an image like "Jones Family Reunion June 2016".  

Your image will be printed on both side of the yoyo. 

BULK PRICING AVAILABLE.  If you order more than 20 the price drops $to $8.49.  Over 50 the price drops to 6.99 each. 

Yoyos will come in a mix of colors. If you wish to specify one or more colors for your custom yoyo order, this can be arranged for an additional fee.    

The Technic yoyo delivers excellent performance. Its wooden axle and take-apart design (highly recommended for beginners) sets it miles ahead of other traditional yoyos. Whether you are just beginning, or a veteran looking to add a performance yo-yo to your collection, the Technic is a great choice.


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