Diabolo / Chinese Yoyo Instructional DVD

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Finally, an instructional DVD for the Diabolo / Chinese yoyo! Recorded by a master Las Vegas performer, Will Roya, this instructional DVD will take you through the basics, into intermediate and even advanced tricks with special guest appearances by Brian Erle.

Starting out, you'll learn the basics of throwing and catching, over the leg, elevator, suns and more tricks. Then you'll move on to intermediate and more advanced tricks like behind the back, stick grinds, arm scoop, jump rope, over both arms, whip and magical knot, just to name a few. There are more than 20 diabolo tricks covered from beginner to advanced, plus, this DVD also includes other types of tricks you can learn with diabolos, like tricks with rings, using two diabolos and more.

Also included on this DVD are some bonus features. The extras include routine performances by both Will and Brian and special shows performed by Will in Las Vegas. Has a 60 minute run time. Time to get better with the Diabolo! 

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