Duncan Butterfly XT Yoyo

Was: $6.99
Now: $4.99

The Butterfly XT is the modern update on Duncan’s classic Butterfly. With its ball bearing axle, it has ten times the spin as the original Butterfly.

Designed for beginners, the Duncan Butterfly XT yoyo introduces new players to bearing yoyos. This yo-yo is priced affordably and will not break the bank.

The Butterfly XT yoyo is a responsive bearing yo-yo that is great to learn beginner to intermediate yoyo tricks. Because the yoyo is responsive, with a single throw it sleeps effortlessly on the string and with a slight tug returns effortlessly to your hand. The responsive bearing makes it a beginner yoyo that you can start learning tricks on right away. With just a little practice you can quickly perform basic string tricks like Trapeze or Double or Nothing!

Beginners shouldn’t worry about trying to get out any knots in the string. The take apart design of the Butterfly XT makes detangling the string easy. Plus, the steel axle and plastic body are durable with impact, so it’s a great yoyo for learning.

Duncan Butterfly XT Yoyo Specifications:

  • Width:36.50 mm
  • Gap Width:2.75 mm
  • Diameter:55.90 mm
  • Weight:52.1 grams
  • Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
  • Response: Starburst Response
  • Shape: Flare
  • Includes 1 string
  • Perfect for beginners to novice

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