Duncan Freehand Pro Yoyo (Unresponsive)

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The Freehand yoyo was the first yoyo in the world that doesn’t need to be tied to your hand! With its patented counter-weight system, you can let go of the yoyo in mid-trick, making the impossible look easy. The New Freehand Pro has a wide flared shape and unresponsive bearing. 

Ready to learn counterweight tricks? Try the new Duncan Freehand Pro. This yoyo is a redesign of the original Freehand. Friction stickers are replaced by 19mm response pads and cut friction. You’ll get longer sleep times with the new Duncan Freehand Pro. Also, with the redesign Duncan made the Freehand Pro a bit larger in diameter and width, making a more stable yoyo that’s easier to catch on the strings.

The Duncan Freehand Pro is an unresponsive yoyo. A bind is required to wake this yoyo. If you are not sure what that means or not able to perform a bind this yoyo is NOT for you. If you’re looking for a responsive version, check out the Duncan Freehand Responsive.

The Duncan Freehand is a classic, but the Duncan Freehand Pro lets this favorite yoyo compete with modern play. Duncan did a great job recreating the Freehand yoyo.

Duncan Freehand Pro Yoyo:

  • Weight: 63.9 grams
  • Diameter: 59mm
  • Width: 43.2mm
  • Response Size: 19mm Response Pads
  • Bearing:  Size C KonKave Bearing
  • Unresponsive 
  • Includes counter weight and yoyo string


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