Duncan Freehand Zero yoyo

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Molded after the body of the original Freehand, the Duncan Freehand Zero yoyo is a wide, flared gap yo-yo with a shape similar to the Duncan Butterfly allowing for forgiving play and better stability. The ball bearing axle has been refined for maximum spin time while the weight has been re-distributed for optimum play.

The Duncan Freehand Zero yo-yo comes with three different counterweights in the package. The counterweight is what makes it a "freehand" yoyo, also known by the term 5A yoyoing. When choosing the colors, the color choice is the body of the yoyo itself, not the face of the yoyo. Duncan has a trademark on the word freehand in conjunction with a yoyo, so every other brand has to use a different way of describing the same concept. When you yoyo with a counterweight, you don't actually attach the yoyo string to your finger. You attach it to the counterweight that you hold in one hand while throwing the yoyo. It lets you do all kinds of crazy tricks where the counterweight is flying around at the same time as the yoyo, and it looks impossible to people who don't know much about yoyoing.

But if you don't know how to 5A yoyo, that's okay! You can just not use the counterweight for the Freehand Zero, and use the yoyo like a regular yoyo. This yoyo uses friction stickers, which are inside the yoyo near the axle. They provide friction for when you want to wake the yoyo up from sleeping and get it back to your hand. If you like your yoyo to be "non-responsive" or "unresponsive" where it doesn't wake up when you pull on the string, then you only use one friction sticker on one side.

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Duncan Freehand Zero Specifications:

  • Diameter: 57.15 mm
  • Width: 38.1 mm
  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Response System: Friction Stickers
  • Bearing Size: Size A


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