Duncan Grasshopper Yoyo

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The Duncan Grasshopper is the signature yoyo from János Karancz who is the 2013 World YoYo Champion. János Karancz designed this yoyo for his insane string tricks. Check out some of his slack tricks to see what this yoyo can do.

The Duncan Grasshopper took years to develop and had several prototypes. It was officially released until mid 2016, when the design was perfect.

The Duncan Grasshopper has a weight distribution in the center and towards outer edges. This balance of rim weight and center weight gives a stable, fast spinning yoyo. These fast, smooth spins allow for technical play and precise tricks.

The inverse rounded body yoyo has an internal step, forcing the yoyo string in the center. This lip or step keeps the yoyo spinning quickly for smooth, fast tricks with little interruption in play. This is an unresponsive yoyo and requires a bind to return to your hand.

Duncan Grasshopper specifications: 

  • Weight: 66.0 grams
  • Diameter: 56.35mm
  • Width: 44.47mm
  • Trapeze Width: 41 mm
  • Style: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)
  • Body MaterialAluminum Alloy (6061)
  • Bearing: Large C Dif KonKave Bearing
  • Response: SG Sticker sizeC
  • Bind: Bind Required



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