Duncan Minion Despicable Me Giggling Yoyo

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Now: $9.99
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The new Minion yoyos are perfect for the beginner or more advanced yoyo player. Take your Minion yoyo with you anywhere! The Giggling Despicable Me Minion Yo-Yo features a voicebox in every yo-yo. With each throw of your yoyo it plays hilarious clips from the movie with each flick of your wrist.

These yoyos are shipped in random, and come in 4 popular character styles, 1 yoyo per order picked at random.  The Minion Giggling yo-yo features a high-speed transaxle system that gives long spin and makes it easier to learn tricks.

Each yoyo will include one pre-installed yoyo string.  Strings do break with use so be sure to order more with the option above. 

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