Duncan Minion Despicable Me Giggling Yoyo

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Duncan Minion Despicable Me Giggling Yoyo

The new Minion yoyos are perfect for the beginner or more advanced yoyo player. Take your Minion yoyo with you anywhere! The Giggling Despicable Me Minion Yo-Yo features a voicebox in every yo-yo. With each throw of your yoyo it plays hilarious clips from the movie with each flick of your wrist.

These yoyos are shipped in random, and come in 4 popular character styles, 1 yoyo per order picked at random.  The Minion Giggling yo-yo features a high-speed transaxle system that gives long spin and makes it easier to learn tricks.

Each yoyo will include one pre-installed yoyo string.  Strings do break with use so be sure to order more with the option above.