Duncan Pandamonium Off String Yoyo

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The Duncan Pandamonium yoyo is the signature model of Sean Perez, off string national 4A champion in the Philippines. The Pandamonium yoyo is a competition level yoyo that’s designed for offstring play with focus on finger spins, horizontals, regenerations and grinds.

The Duncan Pandamonium is first Duncan machined from POM plastic. Delrin is durable and has a soft grind finish that also feels comfortable in the hand. Metal hubs give the Pandamonium a premium look.

Looking for a yoyo that has stability for long combinations and freestyles? Due to its stepped profile design and heavy center weight distribution, the Duncan Pandamonium is able to maintain balance at slow speeds.

Duncan Pandamonium Yoyo Specifications:

  • Weight: 81.2 grams
  • Diameter: 78.25 mm
  • Width: 59.55 mm
  • Gap width adjustable : 2.10 – 3.45 mm
  • Bearing Size: Size C
  • Response: 19mm slim pad size
  • Play Style: 4A offstring
  • Material: Delrin

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