Duncan Pulse Light Up Yo-Yo

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Duncan Pulse yoyo light up shown in action

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Perhaps you haven't noticed, but most light-up yoyos aren't actually real yoyos! Most of the time, they are cheap plastic toys that are tied directly to the axle and won't even sleep or do a single yoyo trick. What a disappointment! But when Duncan designed the Pulse, they decided to make a real, high quality, ball bearing yoyo that you can perform real yoyo tricks with. It has a "classic" shape, which makes it a terrific yoyo for looping tricks, and also pretty good with all of the standards like the Trapeze, Rock the Baby, Around The World and all the other spectator favorites.

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New lighting technology offers increased color changing lights and patterns with each second of increased spin time. It turns a standard 2-handed performance into a fantastic show of light and color! We also carry the Duncan Limelight yoyo, which is just like this yoyo, except that it features a standard wooden axle that makes it even better for looping, but with shorter sleep times because of the lack of ball bearings. And if you want the ultimate in light up yoyos, take a look at the Duncan Freehand Zero with Pulse Technology yoyo. The light up Freehand has a wide, flared gap shape for easier string tricks, and a counterweight so that you can learn the audience captivating "freehand" / 5A style of yoyo play.



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