Duncan Retro Tournament Wooden Vintage Yoyo with Case and Yoyo Trick Book

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Now you can get a reproduction vintage wooden Duncan Tournament style yoyo. This retro 1955 Duncan Tournament yoyo includes a plastic display case and an instruction book that the original version came with during the 1950s! Just like the yoyos from way back when.

This Duncan Vintage 1955 Tournament Replica Yo-Yo gift box comes in 4 color options. As the industry standard for half a century, all of the classic tricks were invented on these yo-yos.

The Duncan Tournament yo-yo has excellent balance, exceptional response, and smooth spins which make it a great choice for then and now.

The Tournament combines the advantages of the fixed axle with the superior sleep time and feel of wood. It's also an incredible looper. Made of American Hard Rock Maple, this yo-yo comes in a plastic gift box with a reproduction of Duncan's "1955 Trick Book."

Duncan Tournament yo-yo Specifications:

  • YoYo Diameter 57mm 
  • Yoyo Width 35mm YoYo
  • Weight 54 grams 
  • Material Wood YoYo Bearing
  • Wooden Fixed Axle

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