Duncan Vintage Wooden Tournament Day Glo 77 Yoyos in original display box

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If you like collectible Duncan yoyos, then you'll love this find!

It's a complete box of Duncan Tournament 77 Day Glo yoyos, in the original display box.

The copyright on the box says 1935, but these yoyos were manufactured and sold in the 1950s. The Day Glo Tournament yoyos came in five colors, all represented here. Neon Red, Signal Green, Arc Yellow, Fire Orange and Saturn Yellow. According to Lucky Meisenheimer's Collector's Guide to 20th Century Yoyos, "The consistency of this particular paint caused the decal to easily detach. These yoyos are very difficult to find with a seal completely intact."

The display box is in good shape, with some tearing and creasing. 

As you can see, the decals are in very good shape on many of the yoyos, but are rubbed off in places on a few of the yoyos.

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