Henry's Diabolo Vision Combo With Aluminum Sticks and String

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This kit includes one Diabolo with two aluminum control rods and string.

The Henry Diabolo is made of high impact translucent plastic with a stainless steel core and axle. Each combo includes one Diabolo and 2 control sticks threaded with a nylon guide wire. The control sticks are lightweight and very comfortable. They have cushion grips across their lower third, and the guide wire is threaded into the hollow end of the control rods. This makes it easy to manipulate the Diablo at any angle. A Diabolo can be spun and directed along the guide wire with simple hand motions. It is a flashy, captivating way to entertain crowds or entertain yourself.

The Diabolo is similar to the Chinese Yo-Yo and Devil Sticks; these are all performance tools that were perfected by traveling circuses and minstrels. There are a wide variety of tricks that a Diabolo can perform, including tosses, whips, magic knots, elevators, and more. As you gain confidence with your Diabolo, consider adding additional Diabolos to your routine for synchronous or asynchronous tricks!

Henry's Diabolo Vision Combo Technical Details

  • Weight: 230 grams / 8.11 ounces
  • Diameter: 13 cm / 5.12 inches
  • Width: 12 cm / 4.75 inches
  • Stick Length: 32.5 cm / 13 inches
  • Aluminum handsticks with rubber grip
  • String Length: 1.3 m / ~4.2 feet