Higgins Devil Sticks Flower Stick Set

Was: $34.99
Now: $12.99

The Higgins Devil Sticks are a lot of fun for your kids or yourself to enjoy. This is a classic toy that entertains for hours. These Devil Sticks are made, at their core, from Canadian Maple, which makes these devil sticks very durable. The performance speed of the devil sticks is slower than high speed sticks, so it is easier to perform tricks. The speed and durability together, make these sticks a great set for anybody just starting out all the way to the most advanced. 

Each Higgins Devil Stick set comes with two grippy rubber silicone coated hand sticks and one devil stick with tassels. The hand sticks are so you can flip around the main Devil Stick and perform mesmerizing tricks.

The main stick is colored randomly, and each has glitter foil in the middle and the ends of the stick. Purchase your devil sticks today!

Devil Stick Specifications:

  • Devil stick dimensions: 28.25" long and .5175" diameter
  • Hand stick dimensions: 18" long and .48" diameter
  • Includes 1 devil stick and 2 hand sticks
  • Hand sticks are coated with Grippy Silicone
  • Tassels are cut from durable stuff
  • Colors vary and will be picked at random
  • Includes instruction booklet (English, French, German and Spanish)



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