How To Be A Yo-Yo Ninja (DVD)

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Join the Duncan Crew as they teach, step-by-step, some of the hottest and newest yo-yo tricks the world has ever seen! Filmed &. edited by Duncan Crew Member Takeshi Kamisato! Guiding you on this journey into awesomeness is World Champion and National Yo-Yo Master Rafael Matsunaga, US National Champion Hank Freeman, US National Champion Jack Ringca, Brandon Jackson, Takeshi Kamisato and Drew Tetz.

This DVD teaches all competition styles of yo-yo play:

  • 1A - One Handed String Tricks
  • 2A - Two Handed Looping Tricks
  • 3A - Two Handed String Tricks
  • 4A - Offstring
  • 5A - Freehand
  • Exclusive bonus features such Bloopers, Exclusive Clip videos &. More!

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