Magic Yoyo Captain Yoyo

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Magic Yoyo Captain Yoyo

Introducing the Captain, by Yoyo Magic, their first high performance 4A yoyo (off string yoyo).

The Magic T1 Captain yoyo comes with three sets of washers for alternative gap width: 2.52mm, 2.35mm and 2.74mm. These are great to adjust the gap width for offstring play and its responsiveness depending on your play style.

The Captain is a high performance offstring yoyo with long spin times. Its body is machined from durable Delrin. You’ll find the Captain to have a larger body to catch on the string. Be creative with the Captain and step up your offstring play. It has the weight and size to catch smoothly on the string.

Yoyo Magic Captain Yoyo Specifications:

  • Material:Delrin & Alloy6061
  • Weight:80.36 grams
  • Diameter:79 mm 
  • Width:58.64 mm 
  • Alternative Gap width: 2.52mm ,2.35mm and 2.74mm 
  • Bearing: Flating bearing, Size C (Large), Unresponsive 
  • Axle: M4*10mm Stainless
  • Surface:White Raw with colored hubs
  • Style: String Trick 4A 
  • Response: Yellow Silicon Pads
  • Includes 1 yoyo string