Magic Yoyo D1 GHZ Looping Yoyo

Was: $8.99
Now: $3.99

Magic Yoyo has released their first 2A Looping yoyo. 2A yoyoing is typically 2 handed and this means to master this style of yoyoing two yoyos, typically the same yoyo, are needed. 

The Magic D1 GHZ Looping Yoyo is made from a durable polycarbonate plastic with weight distributed to the outer rims, giving it smooth, stable spins. It’s a high performance yoyo for skill levels from looping beginners to technical players. An adjustable gap favors technical play. Beginners will appreciate this highly responsive yoyo. It returns quickly preventing slack in the string, making looping easier to learn.

GHZ Yoyo Specifications: 
  • Weight: 51.5g 
  • Diameter: 57.2mm 
  • Width: 34.35mm 
  • Gap Width: 2.5mm 
  • Body Material: Polycarbonate 
  • Bearing: size E bearing(Slim bearing )
  • Style: String Trick 2A
  • Response System: Star Burst 
  • Includes:  D1 MAGICYOYO & 1 yoyo string 

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