Magic Yoyo One Third D2

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The Magic One Third D2 yoyo is designed as a learning yoyo. If you’re looking for a yoyo for a beginner or younger player, try the Magic Yoyo One Third D2.

The Magic One Third D2 is a good yoyo for looping and string tricks. The long sleep times help when learning and practicing new string tricks. A bit smaller in design, this is the perfect yoyo for smaller hands and beginners.

The Magic Yoyo One Third D2 is beginner, responsive yoyo. With a tug on the string, the yoyo returns to your hand.

Magic Yoyo One Third D2 Specifications:

  • Weight: 54 g
  • Width: 42.4 mm
  • Diameter: 56.5 mm
  • Weight: 54g
  • Gap Width: 5 mm
  • Bearing: narrow bearing
  • Play Style: 1A, 2A, 3A, 5A
  • Responsive

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