Master Devil Sticks by Lunastix

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The Master of all Devil Sticks, the Master Lunastix juggling sticks, redefine quality and craftsmanship with these well-balanced and high-quality Master Devil Sticks. Colors will vary. 

The juggling stick is 71 centimeters long (27.9 inches) and the ends are cupped genuine leather tassels. The hand sticks are 47 centimeters (18-5/8 inches) long. Total of three sticks are included: the main juggling stick and two hand sticks. 

With great balance and silicone grips, you will find your play both lighter and faster than the competing brands.  They are very durable with a silicone coating.

Master Devil Sticks are the most popular model of Lunastix juggling sticks. They are designed to be great all-around juggling sticks for all levels of play.

Master Devil Sticks are a perfect outdoor activity and are durable in design to be played outdoors. Don’t worry if they get a little dirty outside. The surface of the Master Devil Sticks is a gripping silicone coating and can be cleaned. To clean your Master Devil Sticks, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and let air dry.

Master Devil Sticks are a moving meditation to some. Playing with Master Devil Sticks gets you outdoors and active. Sure, you can use juggling sticks indoors. But, they are easy to stick in a backpack for outdoor adventures and trips to the park.

The Master Devil Sticks are versatile juggling sticks for all levels from beginners to advanced players. Some beginning tricks to learn are Tic Toc, Helicopter, Spin and Toss.

Color received will be picked at random.

Master Devil Juggling Sticks by Lunastix Specifications:

  • Hand sticks length: 47 cm
  • Juggling stick length: 71 cm
  • Genuine leather tassel ends
  • Gripping silicone coating
  • Color will vary


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