One Drop Cascade Yoyo

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One Drop Cascade Yoyo

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The Cascade yoyo from One Drop, had some interesting design goals. They decided that they wanted it to be curvy and organic, mid sized (at around 53mm), wide, and capable of using the "Side Effects" extras that go on the outside axle of some One Drop yoyos. During the design phase of the Cascade yoyo, One Drop went through three different iterations. Version 1 was a source of contention here at the shop. Everyone at One Drop disagreed about whether or not they liked it, debating it vigorously. In the end, they did agree that it needed changes, like it or not.

Yoyo player Justin "Vendetta" Lotempio was visiting One Drop at the time and convinced them to try a revision. Version 2 was much improved and everyone agreed it was an awesome yo-yo that really felt and played different. Yoyo player Mark Montgomery really liked it and suggested a couple of small tweaks which resulted in version 3. For this revision we smoothed out some areas of the cup and added a touch of rim weight. We went to production with version 3 and are really excited to get this beautiful yo-yo out into the world. It ships with included Dome Side Effects. (All yoyos from Yoyoplay also include at least one string.)

The Cascade yoyo is a nonresponsive / unresponsive yoyo. That means that it will not wake up when you tug on the string like with a traditional yoyo. You will need to learn how to do an advanced trick called a bind, which forces the yoyo to return to your hand. It takes practice to learn how to bind, and binding is more suitable for intermediate to advanced players.

One Drop Cascade Yoyo Specifications:

  • Base Weight: 63.92 grams
  • Width: 45 mm
  • Diameter: 53 mm
  • Stock Response: Flow Groove
  • Gap Width: 4.35 mm
  • Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
  • Finish: Pyramatte (tm)
  • Axle System: Side Effects(tm)
  • Unresponsive / Nonresponsive: Requires a bind to wake up