One Drop Dang 2 Yoyo

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The first release of One Drop Dang yoyo was October 2011. Now get ready for the Dang 2 One Drop yoyo, releasing August 2017!

With growth in Paul Dang’s play, the second release of the signature Dang 2 yoyo design reflects the growth in his style. The One Drop Dang 2 yoyo is designed for discovery, creativity and complex string tricks.

The One Drop Dang 2 is dialed in for performance. Even the second prototype was played for months by Paul Dang to ensure Dang 2 is beyond aesthetics and outstanding completing technical tricks.

The One Drop 2 is H-profile shape. The weight is heavily focused on the rims. This design of weight distribution adds stability and long spin times while fitting comfortably in the hand. The One Drop 2 yoyo is designed for complex tricks, so get creative.

The One Drop Dang 2 Yoyo is an unresponsive yoyo. A bind is required to wake this yoyo and return to your hand. If you don’t know how to do a bind or don’t want to learn, you may want to look for a responsive yoyo.

One Drop Dang2 Yoyo Specifications:

  • Weight: 65.8 grams
  • Width: 44.4 mm
  • Diameter: 56 mm
  • Stock Response: 19 mm Slim Flow Groove
  • Gap Width: 4.33 mm
  • Made out of 7075 aluminum
  • Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
  • Finish: Pyramatte ™
  • Axle System: Tapped
  • Unresponsive (Bind required)
  • Play: String Trick (1A, 3A, 5A)

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