Original Pedro Flores Yoyo

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If you're looking for a collectable yoyo that truly represents the origin of yoyoing in the United States, then this is it.

Pedro Flores was a US immigrant from the Philippines. He built the very first yoyo factory in Santa Barbara, California in 1928.

Flores sold the yoyo trademark to Duncan in 1930, and Duncan made the yoyo famous nationwide soon afterward.

This yoyo is what is known as a Big "F" Flores yoyo, with an ink stamped seal, wood, tournament shape, one piece. They were made in 1929 and 1930.

Read about Pedro Flores at About.com, and at the Yoyo Museum site

The ink stamp of the logo is faded. The string could possibly be the original string. It is knotted at the axle and short.

According to Lucky's Collector's Guide, it is probably in Fine or Good condition. Fine is described as, "Some small paint chips in the seal are allowed, but no loss of any complete letters. Some letters may be faded, but are visible. Less than five age paint chips on the face. Minor rim wear with scratches and slight paint loss."

Original Pedro Flores yoyos are extremely rare and hard to find. If you purchase this yoyo, you will own a piece of important yoyo history.

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