Rare, Collectible Stunt Pilot yoyo

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Rare, Collectible Stunt Pilot yoyo

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The Stunt Pilot 3 is a one of a kind yoyo that was made by Playmaxx, and released in 1999. This special yo-yo is not manufactured anymore, which makes it a collectible that is getting very hard to find. The yo-yoer can play the Stunt Pilot 3 in 3 different ways. It can be played by off-string, on-string, or you can master your spin top skills.

This yo yo is equipped with a stainless steel ball bearing axle, which gives it abilities like long spins, awesome tricks, and overall faster than lightning plays! This yoyo has a flared gap shape that comes with unique propellers on the side. Connecting the propellers is a hard plastic nose tip that is for Spin Top play. This yoyo comes with 3 extra yo-yoing strings, yoyo sling, and a trick/maintenance guide.