Recess Diplomat Yoyo

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The Recess Diplomat yoyo is the signature yoyo of Colin Beckford. Colin made it to the finals last year at Worlds, placing 6th at Nationals, and 4th at BAC.

The Diplomat is a light yoyo with weight distributed on the rims, giving you a powerful feeling yoyo with great control. It’s light and maneuverable while in play. The curved H-profile shape has a wide gap to easily catch the yoyo. The stepped inner hubs are perfect for finger spins.

The Diplomat yoyo is an unresponsive yoyo, which means a bind is required to wake this yoyo and return it to your hand.

If you’re looking for a stable yoyo with long spin times, try the Recess Diplomat. It can easily handle technical combinations and is stable, making it a controllable yoyo.

Recess Diplomat Yoyo Specifications:

  • Diameter: 56.37 mm 
  • Width: 42.70 mm  
  • Gap Width: 4.50 mm  
  • Weight: 64.7 grams
  • Bearing Size: Size C Grooved Bearing (.250 x .500 x .187)
  • Response: 19 mm Slim Pad
  • Unresponsive
  • Includes yoyo string

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