SideWinder Spin Top

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This Spintastics SideWinder Spin Top is a plastic fixed tip spin top with string (power spinner is optional).

Strong polycarbonate plastic spin top with replaceable plastic point. Please select color option and whether you want to add a Power Spinner

  • Spin Top Measurement: 2" diameter body
  • Weight: 1.4 oz
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Colors: Red, Blue, Clear, Green

Comes with Battle String with elastic finger hold (Overhand Throw).

The next generation of Spin Tops are here and leave it to Dale Oliver to bring innovation and value to the hobby. Spintastics has a reputation for delivering unsurpassed quality and value in yoyos, and now to Tops. This top features a sleek, balanced design and rim weighting for superior spin time. But the most unique feature of Dale's Tops are the OPTIONAL Power Strips (an easy to use "rip cord" assembly) that allows even the greenest beginner to spin the top incredibly fast with the greatest of ease.

ANYONE can spin these tops! Of course, for you seasoned spinners the top comes complete, and performs like a champ, with the traditional string for advanced tricks. By now you know another feature of Spintastics products- value. Order one today!


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