Spintastics Magnum Diabolo

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Spintastics Magnum Diabolo

5" Diameter, 5.4" length 11.5 oz. If you are buying a diabolo, don't forget to buy a Diabolo instructional DVD! A resource for learning new tricks keeps things fresh with skill toys, because you keep improving!

Don't forget to add the optional spool of string, because string wears out with regular use. Each spool comes with 25 meters (82 feet) of custom manufactured polyester Diablo string.

You can also upgrade to aluminum sticks instead of the red plastic sticks that are offered. The Spintastics Magnum Diabolo (often called a Chinese Flying YoYo) is a great diabolo for beginners and pros alike. Its extra wide shaft assembly, and wider diameter make it an awesome diabolo for hand grinds. This diabolo has a one way bearing, so it is easier to build up speeds for the beginner. This Diabolo includes plastic sticks, string and instructions. 

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