Spintastics Space Monkey Bimetal Aluminum Yoyo with stainless rings

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The Spintastics Space Monkey is a versatile yoyo that can grow with your skill level. The Space Monkey is a great choice for beginners, intermediates and professionals. The Spintastics Space Monkey is a fast yoyo and requires precision, so using this yoyo will up your yoyo skills.

The flared gap shape and steel outer weight rings distribute weight to the outside edges, giving the Spintastics Space Monkey long, fast spins. The full size yoyo fits comfortable in the hand and it’s a fun playing yoyo.

The Spintastics Space Monkey is balanced, stable and a full sized yoyo. It’s powerful with long spin times, stable and easy to catch on the string for string tricks. The Space Monkey plays well for string tricks like the Trapeze, Split the Atom, Braintwister, or the Double or Nothing.

If you’re looking for a bimetal, full sized yoyo for string tricks and beginner to pro level play, give the Spintastics Space Monkey a try.

Spintastics Space Monkey Bimetal Yoyo Specifications:

  • Weight: 65 grams
  • Width: 41.65 mm
  • Diameter: 54.8 mm
  • Color: Bimetal Metallic Black
  • Constructed of aircraft quality 6061 aluminum with stainless steel rings
  • Anodized for color, added strength, and corrosion resistance.
  • Non-responsive design means that binding is required to wake the yoyo up.
  • Wide C bearing for longer spin times and non-responsiveness.
  • Silicone response system for superior binding
  • Take apart design for ease of changing and untangling strings
  • String included

If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings. Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use.


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