Spintastics Spinabolo Pro Diabolo w/ Sticks and String

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The Spinabolo Spinabolo Pro Chinese Yoyo / Diablo is the next step in Diabolo and Chinese Yo-yo evolution. Designed jointly by Dale Oliver and Takahiko Hasagawa, the inner workings include a patented one-way bearing that allows for greater speed and unprecedented length of play without repowering the diabolo. It has a 110 mm bell size and comes with red plastic handsticks and a string.

The learning curve is much faster for this diabolo therefore it has a greater appeal to age and skill levels. This new design allows you to do tricks that are impossible with a standard diabolo. You do lose the ability to do string climbs, but what you gain far outweighs the loss of that one trick.

This diabolo is a medium sized 4 inch diameter (110mm) high performance diabolo. 

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