Spintastics Tigershark G4 Yo-Yo

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It is mighty hard to improve on the original Tigershark yoyo, but Spintastics main man Dale Oliver has done it! The newest version of the Tigershark features a less aggressive starburst brake for smoother, longer spins. It is also less likely to "hang" on string tricks than its predecessor. A great yoyo has gotten better and the Tigershark is still one of the best values on the market. Order yours today!

If you are buying a yoyo, don't forget to buy a yo-yo trick book to carry with you, a yoyo trick DVD for at home, and extra yoyo strings. Learning new tricks makes yoyoing much more fun, and you'll need extra strings, because they wear out with regular use. Free US ground shipping for all orders over $50.


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