The Complete Juggling Ensemble w/ DVD HB1583

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The Complete Juggling Ensemble includes 3 top quality juggling balls and the Juggling 101 DVD. Colors vary. The juggling balls in the kit each weigh 130 grams and have a tight stitch pattern (approximately 8 stitches per inch). This tight stitch pattern holds up well for months of continuous use. Colors will vary!

Higgins Brothers juggling balls are durable and long lasting, but they also have a gentle texture. They are easy on your hands and are also more forgiving of accidents while learning the ropes. If you accidentally catch a juggling ball with your forehead or chin, wouldn't you prefer a soft juggling ball?

About the DVD: Juggling 101 was created by professional jugglers and includes decades of juggling knowledge. This 80 minute DVD includes more than 100 tricks and tips. It includes techniques for juggling 3 balls at a time, 4 balls, 5 balls, clubs, ball passing, club passing, diabolo, devil stick, spinning plates, and rings.

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